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Steve’s Log- April 30, 2014

While training a client this morning something dawned on me, I am really out of touch with what goes on in other gyms. Not to take anything away from the girl, who normally trains at another gym, that I was coaching but I was kind of shocked when she told me she had never pushed […]

Steve’s Log- April 29th, 2014

Be on the lookout very soon for registration to open up on our next Strength Basics Clinic in May. This month we will teaching the snatch.  You don’t want to miss it, our clinics are always informative and lots of fun. I promise I won’t make that mean face at the clinic   Look out […]

Training client testimonial

It’s always great to receive emails from someone who benefited from something you worked hard on. Whether it be the gym members, my training clients or the people that have purchased my book it makes me feel like the hard work and struggle was all worth it. I’ll share a letter with you that received […]

Member Stories: Merlyn B.

Merlyn started her strength journey with CrossFit in 2012, where she met our own Katie Feeley. After spending some time with CrossFit, Merlyn discovered that she really enjoyed lifting heavy things (which is totally understandable). After attending a Strength Basics Seminar at Iron Sport in March 2013, Merlyn started training her powerlifts 3 days a week […]

Steve’s Log- April 22, 2014

Hey all my little Pulcimaniacs, Stevey P back here of another installment of my personal brand of truth, knowledge bombs, poor use of proper grammar, very little punctuation and vulgarity. Let’s talk about the hard, crisp shot to the balls I received today from my none other than my very own mother of all people! […]

Steve’s Log- April 21st, 2014

I had a pretty productive Easter weekend, while the rest of you genteel fuckers were eating Easter candy, painting the outside of chicken embryos and worshiping zombie Jesus Stevey P was coaching people to greatness, selling memberships and traveling great distances to explore some new business opportunities. Wow, I almost felt like a mover and […]

Steve’s Log- April 19th, 2014

While driving into work today I saw something on my very own street that I have seen since I was a kid living back in Southwest Philly in the 70’s. Someone had discarded a battle worn pair of sneakers by tying them together and chucking them up into the wires that supply power to our […]

Steve’s Log- April 16th, 2014

Do NOT stare at this picture too long – it may lead to uncontrollable over-training! Well at least according to that caption it will. Yes, it’s true. Young boys all over the world are hitting the iron to try to get savagely Biebs Mode and pull in mad pussy just like their iron hero Justin. Really? […]