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Iron Sport Squat & Deadlift Seminar Recap

Here is photographic evidence of actual knowledge bombs being dropped at our latest Strength Basics Clinic here at Iron Sport Gym. In less than four hours people learned new techniques, hit lifetime PR’s and had a great time in the process. We do these clinics on a monthly basis so don’t miss our next one. […]

Steve’s Log- April 15th, 21014

It’s April 15th,  TAX day to us red blooded Americans. Usually by now most of you hillbillies have received your refund already spent on chaw, beer and hookers and ya know what? There is nothing wrong with that, I wish I could do that too but most of my tax refund gets swallowed up by […]

Steve’s Log April 14th, 2014

Man what a wild weekend here at the gym. It was the first truly nice weekend of the year so far and it brought everyone to the yard. We have a lot of members competing in a strongman contest this weekend in Allentown PA called The Kranked Classic so there were groups of lifters out […]

Steve’s Log- April 10th, 2014

It’s a beautiful early spring day here in Phillyland. I slept good last night, my body is feeling “ok” and I was happily cruising into work this morning with my faithful sidekick Kazmonster by my side jamming on some Bob Marley “Is this love”. I was stopped at a red light with my head bobbing […]

Steve’s Log April 9th, 2014

What? Log posts three days in a row? Yes boys and girls, Stevey P has a lot of free time on his hands during the day. I’m not like all those other internet strength gurus who are always busy and on the go saving the world one pectoral at a time. Availability is what I […]

Steve’s Log- April 8th, 2014

Ever since Iron Sport have been at it’s current location of Chester Pike at South Ave in Glenolden (otherwise known as the intersection of unemployment and desperation) a strange event has been occurring almost on a weekly basis. Since the train trestle is right at our intersection and some trucks can’t fit under it or […]

Steve’s Log April 7, 2014

Hey all you swolemates and swolematrons out there in interweb land. By popular request Stevey P’s exciting training log is BACK on the air. The same exciting day to day Iron Sport gym life, training info, random happenings, poor grammar, spelling and punctuation, gratuitous selfies and updates you remember from my old EliteFTS log will […]

Coaching the Mind

Steve’s latest article for, “Cue the Mind,” has been getting lots of attention.  It includes no-BS advice for lifters and coaches about the mental aspect of training. Here’s a quick overview of all the knowledge bombs: Learn to read your lifter’s face Be strong and confident Don’t fear the bar Lifters—trust your coach; Coaches—earn […]

Welcome To The New Site!

Welcome to our sleek new website! Our favorite new feature: you can now purchase merchandise with a credit card (not just PayPal). We’ll be restocking some of our popular items soon. Stay tuned to the site for new features including: upcoming events, training logs, gym tour, and lots more. Have suggestions? Let us know. Thanks […]