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Steve’s Log- July 16th, 2014

I have a new hobby now when things are slow at the gym. Any time a sales person calls, which is about every fifteen minutes of every day, I fuck with them by doing the following. Do ya know how as soon as you answer the phone they immediately start their droning sales shpele without […]

Steve’s Log- July 9th, 2014

When my cousin Dave and I get together it’s inevitable that our conversations turn to matters of training and living our lives in a perpetual state of recreational hugeness. Since both of us started lifting weights nearly thirty five years ago the topics of our conversations always turn to “The good old days”. The days […]

Steve’s Log- July 1, 2014

If anyone is interested in hearing Stevey P in spoken word form instead of written form check out my cousin Dave ‘Raising The Bar’ Pulcinella’s podcast called “The First Callout”.  It’s geared towards bodybuilding since Dave is a bodybuilder but we touch on all kinds of topics. Follow this link- Send me an email if […]