Member Stories: Merlyn B.

Merlyn started her strength journey with CrossFit in 2012, where she met our own Katie Feeley. After spending some time with CrossFit, Merlyn discovered that she really enjoyed lifting heavy things (which is totally understandable). After attending a Strength Basics Seminar at Iron Sport in March 2013, Merlyn started training her powerlifts 3 days a week with Katie. Since then she has added 150# to her powerlifting total. This weekend Merlyn will compete in her first powerlifting meet, the UPA Power Classic at Iron Sport, where she’ll attempt a PR 375# deadlift – a far cry from the newbie that Katie met in 2012 and the lifter that came to us for help just a year ago. The following is an email from Merlyn that we received this week.

So Katie and I were laughing about this earlier this morning but wanted to share some perspective which really affirms the power of Katie Feeley Training and the amazing culture of lifting Steve has fostered at Iron Sport…

So attached is my failed deadlift from 20 months ago at an Annual Festivus Meet (a national competition that many CrossFitters participate in). The failed weight here was 315 lbs (after a successful 310lb deadlift…)

Merlyn - 315 failed DL

Merlyn just barely misses lockout on 315# deadlift


Several scary and hysterical features here, now understood by me to be major transgressions in the powerlifting world:

  1. No belt… Oh Boy!
  2. Gloves… Ugh!
  3. Wrist bands- huh? (very much a CrossFit thing as WODs can be long and sweat comes hot and heavy…)
  4. Screaming at the top of the lift- ergo- no proper breathing or tightness (Sorry Steve- I know and I’m sorry…)
  5. Got almost to the top of the lift and still failed it – who does that?
  6. Terrible strategy- trying to lift 315 after successfully lifting 310- who does that?

I know I speak for everyone when I say that we are all grateful we met you, Katie and Steve. Thanks for helping to make us all strong!

For a little perspective, here’s a video of Merlyn deadlifting 365# a few weeks ago: Merlyn – PR 365# deadlift

These are the kinds of stories we LOVE at Iron Sport. Merlyn comes in consistently, works hard, and gets results. We’re very proud of her and are counting down to her 405# deadlift in the near future.


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