Steve’s Log- Friday, June 13th, 2014

Overall I’m pretty happy with this entire weeks training capped off with today’s blood-fest of a deadlift day that may have given one of our York bars the Hep C. I was really out of the groove for so long but I’ve finally put three good weeks together now. My strength, training focus and my confidence are getting back to where I want them again. Today’s training looked like this:

Deadlifts: worked up to 90% of our one rep max and did 10 singles

Snatch grip deadlifts: dropped down to 405 and did 4 sets of 5

Barbell shrugs: 5 sets

Inverted rows: 4 sets till failure

Reverse Hypers: 3 sets of 12


Now I’ll never be a teen model!


There was one disturbing thing that was going on while I was training. This kid who is new to the gym who is telling people that he is going to compete in a drug free bodybuilding show this summer was near us training.

I see this kid just about every day and all I ever see is this:

-Jug O’ Water

-Constant fiddling around finding the right song on his ipod

-Beats by Dre headphones

-Homemade string tank top for maximum nipple exposure

-Multiple shaker cups

-Lots of posing in the mirror

What I don’t see is this:

-Enough weight on the bar to actually grow muscle

-Enough intensity to actually grow muscle

-Enough training volume to actually grow muscle

-And . . . . . No muscle

I’m assuming, like a lot of kids new to training out there, he is constantly reading all he can on the internet. Don’t get me wrong, in a lot of cases that could be a very good thing but in a lot of cases I think something gets lost in the transaction. And when I say lost I mean that shit is wayyyyyy lost. When I first started training as a teen all it took was looking at pictures of guys like Arnold and Tom Platz while they were training and one thing immediately jumped out at you, EFFORT. The name of the game for me was and always is put forth a monumental effort every time you set foot into the gym. Do these kids honestly think that all these huge bodybuilders, lifters and strongmen that they see all over the internet achieved those bodies by doing twenty minute long pussy workouts?

And I can’t wait for all the comments from my readers that say, “why don’t you help the kid rather than criticize him?” Well fuck man, I’m ten feet away from him busting my ass every single day he trains, if he would just open his fucking eyes and see what me and the other big guys are doing maybe he could actually be a real bodybuilder someday. I mean, c’mon if he doesn’t recognize that there is a broken down has-been lifter next to him that is older than his dad who is absolutely BURYING him in the gym than he just may not be ready for what he needs to hear. Trust me, I pray for the day when he comes up to me and actually asks for my help, I will be glad to lay it all down for him.







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