Steve’s Log- July 9th, 2014

When my cousin Dave and I get together it’s inevitable that our conversations turn to matters of training and living our lives in a perpetual state of recreational hugeness. Since both of us started lifting weights nearly thirty five years ago the topics of our conversations always turn to “The good old days”. The days when this whole lifting thing was so much simpler and when newbies were not bombarded by internet misinformation and bullshit. We may not have had access to a whole lot of training knowledge bu the two of us carried a few pieces of crucial training philosophy that we learned very early on that carried us through all those years. These very simple training philosophies are what made us both well respected champions and now coaches in our respective fields.

Now we are combining our knowledge and talents into one amazing seminar series that we hope to bring all over the country called, “The Pulcinella Muscle Academy”.  This first one will kick off on August 17th here at Iron Sport Gym. We really want to present authentic information on the art of building muscle and strength while at the same time cutting through the myths and modern day internet guru bullshit. If you have ever seen Dave or I in action you know this seminar will be as entertaining as it is informative. Our plan is to run a loose format and encourage a lot of interaction with people attending as well as any hands on demonstrations and coaching as people will want.

Sign up today to secure your spot at this link:

or email me direct with any questions: steve@ iron

Dave posing on stage

Dave posing on stage

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