Steve’s Log- June 30th, 2014

I frequently get sales reps in here from various supplement companies tying to peddle their products. Just about all of them really look the part of a fitness supplement employee, they are fit, muscular and usually attractive guys and girls. It makes sense right? If you are going to convince someone that you are a good trainer or that your muscle building product is worth the money your front man/woman better have the kind of body that people may desire. But not Herbal Life, they have got to be the fucking Planet Fitness of nutritional products. Every representative I have ever seen from that company looks worse than the average American, and that is pretty damn bad. I guess if you inquire about selling Herbal Life and you look the least bit muscular they must tell you that you are too intimidating to sell their product. You even see their people with those bumper sticker on the back of their cars that say “Lose weight now, ask me how”. Every time I see that I check out the driver and they are always fat. How is that possible? All I have to say to Herbal Life is . . . . get it together fuckers, think like me dammit!



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