Steve’s Log- Thursday June 12th, 2014

Me and my partner Donny B trained boulder shoulders and biceps today. Somehow we figured that the Viking presses that we did last week wasn’t enough so we decided to do them again today. If your gym doesn’t have a viking press, and I’m pretty sure it doesn’t, you should immediately get used to the idea that any deltoidian efforts you are currently making in your gym are completely lame. If the actual Norse Vikings did viking presses they would still be ruling the earth today. That is how effective Viking presses are.

“But Steve, where do I buy one of these viking presses?”

The answer is, “You can’t”. You would have to either fabricate one or find someone to fabricate one for you. Mine was made by a friend and former member Bill Dorell. Bill has made quite a few of our strongman items you see at our gym. The viking press he made is my favorite though because of it’s elegant design, it’s light, portable, will more or less fit into any power rack and was cheap to make. You can see by this photo how it works, very simple to set up and break down.



Don and I warmed up and then worked our way up to eight 45lb plates, then dropped to 6 plates and I did two all out, eyeball busting sets of 10 and 8 reps. Then we dropped to 4 plates and again I gutted out 20 and 15 reps. After those last sets my arms felt like two giant poop logs that were just hanging limp at my sides. We then finished up with:

Dumbbell side raise: 4 heavy sets

Dumbbell ITY raises: 4 light sets

Barbell drag curls: 4 sets

Dumbbell spider curls: 4 sets

Standing abs: 4 sets

Front neck work: 4 sets


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