Steve’s Log- Thursday June 26th, 2014

Today’s training- We had five people in our training group today so it was kind of hard for me to keep my head in the game when it takes that long. I’m used to only training with on or two other guys and I like to really move fast when I train. Today we did shoulders and it looked something like this:

High-pulls: 135×8, 185×5, 225×5, 275×5, 315x3x3

Viking press:

2 plates x 12

4 plates x 10

4.5 plates x 8

6 plates x 5

6.5 plates x 1

8 plates x 1

8.5 plates x miss

6 plates x 12

4 plates x 26

Behind neck presses on Smith machine with added band tension 4×12

Side raises followed by burners: 4 sets

Front dumbbell raise: 3×12




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