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Steve’s Log 6-10-14

Since I actually have nothing silly to write about today I have decided to just write down a workout that I just had a client of mine do for his bench day today. He is coming off of a powelifting meet a few weeks back and instead of following any particular program for a while he […]

Steve’s Log- Monday June 9th, 2014

Owning a gym, or any business that’s on a main road in Delco (Delaware County, a white trash suburb of Philly) is always an interesting experience. In our case we just never know what vagrants, dirtbags, drunks, heroin addicts, scam artists or knuckleheads are going to take time away from their aimless drifting schedule long […]

Member Stories: Merlyn B.

Merlyn started her strength journey with CrossFit in 2012, where she met our own Katie Feeley. After spending some time with CrossFit, Merlyn discovered that she really enjoyed lifting heavy things (which is totally understandable). After attending a Strength Basics Seminar at Iron Sport in March 2013, Merlyn started training her powerlifts 3 days a week […]