A shoulder swole for y’all- April 17th, 2014

My training partner Big Don and my faithful sidekick Pepper Potts banged away at a light shoulder and biceps workout today. I came up with this Seven Deadly Swoles routine today that just kicked our asses.

7 Super sets- Press behind neck/dumbbell side raises

7 Super sets- Upright rows/dumbbell front raise

7 Super sets- Rear dumbbell raises/band pull-a-parts

7 Sets of reverse barbell curls

7 sets of cable curls with rope attachment

We blistered through the workout, shot gunning one set after another as fast as we could. Great pump, give it a try sometime.


Shoulders as if boulders is the name of the game 


In today’s mail bag: Faizan all the way from India writes me and asks, “All right man. Give me a tip. When it comes to fighting, I am a pussy. Even with people that I know I can whoop their candy ass I am a fucking pussy about it.”

First of all, what is with all the fighting? In the U.S. I literally never see Indian people fighting, they seem to be very gentle souls while they are making all the donuts and pumping all the gas the gas in Jersey, I don’t get it. I guess maybe the ones that still live in that rat hole you live in are just angry because you still have to eat garbage and live with thirty other people in a one bedroom apartment. Hell, I’d be punching every face I saw too if I had to live like that so here is some advice. Since two thirds of your population including the occasional roaming cow poops in the streets I would suggest staying on your feet, preferably wearing knee high boots. God knows what kind of disease you would contract if the fight went to the ground. Since you admittedly seem to be a huge pussy you may have to resort to foul play. Just before the fight starts say to him, “Hey, I think the jewel on your turban looks loose” and when he looks up in a panic to adjust it I want you to sucker punch him directly in his forehead dot! Thanks for writing in and as always . . . Your welcome!


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