Steve’s Log- April 16th, 2014


Do NOT stare at this picture too long – it may lead to uncontrollable over-training! Well at least according to that caption it will. Yes, it’s true. Young boys all over the world are hitting the iron to try to get savagely Biebs Mode and pull in mad pussy just like their iron hero Justin. Really? Is that true? Because all the young kids I see around here are grossly overweight, or they all join Planet Fitness because they give out free tootsie rolls as they stand around texting their bros. None of them are in fear of suffering permanent rhabdomyolysis from all the hard training, I can tell you that. What is so wrong with hitting it hard in the gym? All my teenage lifting heroes like Arnold, Tom Platz, Anatoly Pisarenko and Bill Kazmaier used to train so hard they would turn purple and almost die… and we tried to do the same thing. As hard as I tried to emulate that over-the-top style of training, I could not seem “overdo it” in the gym. All I wanted was more, more, more. As a matter of fact the only side effects I did suffer were an abundance of muscles, girlfriends, confidence and overwhelming self esteem that helped me  through every facet of my life. So train your asses off, kids, keep your goals lofty and never let the losers on the sidelines tell you you are doing too much while they sit there with their thumbs up their own asses living in the comfort zone.



Anatoly doing what he did best – being the fucking man!

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