Steve’s Log- April 21st, 2014

I had a pretty productive Easter weekend, while the rest of you genteel fuckers were eating Easter candy, painting the outside of chicken embryos and worshiping zombie Jesus Stevey P was coaching people to greatness, selling memberships and traveling great distances to explore some new business opportunities. Wow, I almost felt like a mover and shaker and then I realized that it was just my fat shaking as I moved.

Now that Easter weekend is over with that can only mean ONE THING! Our Iron Sport spring powerlifting meet is upon us. This Saturday the 26th we will be closed for working out but open to all spectators to come by and hang out for FREE. The meet is being put on by my good friend the Power Goddess herself Kate Baird with her excellent crew of helpers Tone Barbaccio and all the guys and girls from The Jersey Iron Team. So come on by, bring the family, some food, even beer if you want to and cheer on some awesome talent.


Kate Baird- Meet Director, announcer, bodybuilder, powerlifter, sex symbol and lover of all things animal print.


Strength Training Tip O’ the day: Since I am a big advocate of doing high-pulls of all kinds I get asked this question quite a bit, “Are my elbows supposed to go back behind me at the top or are they supposed to go up towards the ceiling?” The answer is up towards the ceiling, they should never be pulled back like you are curling the bar. That usually happens because the lifter that is new to the lift is trying to pull the bar up too high or so used to curling in the squat rack that they are trying to curl it rather than pull it. The bar really needs to only travel to the bottom of your chest, not up to your eyebrows. See these pictures of Pepper that I took as examples:


Note her terrible pulling position above, knees are bent, elbows are back, she is diving towards the bar with her hips way back. In other words, she is showing no extension at all. This not only will make you look stupid but everyone in the gym will actually become stupider watching you fail at life.


Now Pepper has her act straightened out! Note the full extension, her toes, knees and hips are at full extension, he elbows are up in that classic “scarecrow” position and she is contracting her traps hard at the top. Looking good Pepper, and oh yeah, I almost forgot, nice face!


Today I gave my night time guy crazy Howie a simple task to do for me today. Go out and pick up a nice broom and one of those stand up dust pans. I even texted him a photo of what I was looking for. Lord only knows what he’s going to come back with. I can’t wait to see. I like this guy and he has been a friend of mine for a long time but the dude is fucking zany. That’s right, I just used the word zany. My dog really likes him though, probably because Crazy Howie is the only human that freely tongue kisses him for uncomfortable extended periods of time. He will also put Kaz’s disgusting dog toys in his mouth and play tug of war. When these toys are not being slobbered on by my dog live on our dirty gym floor all day, they are filthier than a homeless guys ball bag. That’s the level of zany we are talking about.




He looks like a giant “special kid” that doesn’t know his own strength crushing a puppy doesn’t he? 



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