Steve’s Log- April 30, 2014

While training a client this morning something dawned on me, I am really out of touch with what goes on in other gyms. Not to take anything away from the girl, who normally trains at another gym, that I was coaching but I was kind of shocked when she told me she had never pushed a set so far. I wasn’t making her do forced reps or grinding my shoe into her face or anything that drastic but just pushing her close to her limit on a few sets. I guess I kind of take for granted that everyone out there is really busting arteries in their eyeballs day in and day out like they do here but they are not. A lot of people are training in the safe, mushy confines of the comfort zone and making little to no gains. Whoever said slow and steady wins the race never had Stevey P up in their face. Get out there and fight dammit, it’s WAR my little swoldiers!


“I got a present for ya Louie”


Training question of the day: I member of the gym asked me a very smart question today. I say it’s a smart question because there are no dumb questions only dumb answers. His question was, “Is it important for me to know my one rep max?”

And the answer is: Not nearly as important as it is for OTHER PEOPLE to know your one rep max.  So make sure when you are in the gym establishing your new max you take a video and post it all over social media so everyone can see it. Make sure as shitty as the lift looks you add some really disturbing heavy metal music to it so it seems way hardcore. Another reason you need to know how much you can bench is so you can add 10-15% to that number for when your bros at the club ask you how much you can bench. Make sure you add at least 25% if a chick asks you. You didn’t expect me to give a serious answer did you?


Random gym pic 


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