Steve’s Log- May 5th, 2014

Hey all, it’s Cinco De mayo which means yet another excuse for every Delco douche bag to get trashed on a work night and call out sick the next day. For hard working folk like me it’s another “Sucky De Monday”. And what makes it doubly sucky for me is the fact that my right hand girl Pepper is on vacation all week AND my wife is leaving town for a few days. Its like the perfect storm for me because I have no safety net whatsoever now. Who am I going to turn to if I need laundry done, a sandwich made, or a button sewed on? What if my toenails need clipping or a get a knot in the drawstring of my sweat pants? What if I end up in the hospital, which is always a high probability, who will be here to steer the ship? The place will be rudderless, I wonder if anyone would notice. Oh well, I’ll do my best to get by without my “team”.


My training these days is in more of an experimental phase, I’ve been more or less tinkering around with different workouts and routines. I haven’t really been lifting heavy very often, I don’t have “deload” weeks but I have what I call “delude” weeks. That’s where I delude myself that I’m actually still strong and train way too heavy for a week and spend three more weeks trying to recover from it. I think I’m getting too old to force my body to ‘adapt instead of recovering. In the past I would just keep hammering away on myself and just will myself to adapt and get strong. I’m finding as I get older I just need more time in between workouts. I still currently train Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday but I may need to cut one day out soon. Remember your training should come from a place of desire not desperation. Passion brings on gains whereas frustration leads to pains.


I’m going to whore out another positive review of my training:After being injured with a twisted vertebra in my back and taking 7 months off I started training again and with the huge help of Steve Pulcinella, in just 5 short weeks I have added 65 pounds to my front squat, 65 pounds to my snatch, 45 pounds to my clean and jerk and almost 100 pounds to my back squat. I also have been working with Trevor Kashey so while Steve is helping me put up huge numbers in my Olympic lifts Trevor is helping me in lowering my body weight. The knowledge of these two are unbeatable.”


Oh shit, this is priceless! recently a whale washed up on the beach in Jersey and instantly some kid runs up on it and “Tags” it! Another glowing advertisement to visit the Jersey beaches this summer kids. If this whale had washed up in Cali they would have done some kind of hippy mouth to blowhole resuscitation and rehabbed it to full strength and sent it on its way. But no this is Jersey, “Hey look a helpless whale, should we help it?” “Nah, fuck that, I got a better idea!”. I’m surprised some kid hasn’t tagged Gov Christie yet.




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