Steve’s Log- May 8th, 2014

On my drive into work every day I always pass by this other “gym”. It’s a small women’s only establishment down the road from Iron Sport that has been there for years.  I never really paid much mind to it until I was sitting in front of it for an extended period of time at a red light today and took notice the obnoxious amount of banners hanging off of the building advertising every so-called “women’s” selling point they can think of to force down women’s throats.  Pole dancing, Zumba, aerobic classes, fitness classes and all that other cliche’ chick bullshit targeted to unsuspecting women. Then I got to thinking, the girls that come to my gym must just laugh their asses off when they see that horseshit. The girls that train here aren’t just your every day run of the mill girl who’s scared to actually push themselves in the weightroom. They all train with a purpose, they actually strive for strength and a feeling of well being, not just some zero impact girly activity so that they can live out your lifelong fantasy of being a whore dancing on a pole. The Iron Sport woman lives the lifter’s life, it doesn’t just stop when Zumba class is over and they eat donuts afterwards. The lifter’s life goes on 24/7.


The other thing I notice about our women is although most of them are beginners in the world of competitive strength athletics it doesn’t stop or even slow them down on contest day. We have had women with one year or less total training time under their belts compete in powerlifting, strongman and olympic lifting and really attack the weights like seasoned veterans. I would wager than the girls I have seen train and compete here have more fire on contest day than the men. Women just tend not to give up lifts as easy, I have seen girls here fight deadlifts that were barely moving until they passed out, I have seen them carry the Conan’s wheel till the bar was on the tips of their fingers and their faces were purple trying to squeeze out that extra step. Have you ever watched a women’s MMA fight? They would rather have their arm snapped or be choked to death before they tap out. That is the kind of effort and aggressiveness these girls have with the weights. These traits are probably why no man has ever won an argument with a woman.

I’m sure if I was a woman I wouldn’t want to be pigeon holed into thinking I had to dance around in some herd of fat women doing Zumba. I’d want to express my individual athleticism to my fullest ability.


This all reminds me of that line from the movie “300”

Xerxes: “Consider the fate of your women”

Kind Leonidas: “Clearly you don’t know OUR women”


And on an unrelated note. Yet another reason I will never win father of the year. A text conversation I had with my daughter Carmen today. 
I know what you are all thinking . . . holy shit Steve's daughter is such a racist! 
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