Steve’s Log- May 9th, 2014

Today we’ll go to the mail bag for a question from Carl-

“How has your training method changed (if it has) since writing The Iron Sport Method? Have you changed or added things? And what do you think of the “minimalistic approach” trend going on? I actually like to train and spend time in the weight room!”

I’m almost sorry I used the word “Method” in the title because I don’t even believe in methods. To me every routine is merely a template for your training. A template that can be varied in a million ways. I see and hear from people all the time that are so afraid to change something or miss a day thinking the magic in their routine will be somehow ruined. So that being said yes I have changed that template many times for clients of mine as I see fit and encourage people to do the same as they train using it on their own.

Minimalist training. I have liked this approach since before I knew it was actually an approach. When I was training for highland games I was out in the field throwing so much that I didn’t want to have to bury myself by doing three hour long workouts with fifteen different exercises, five days a week. During my season I wanted to throw three to four times a week and wanted to only do two very brief lifting sessions. I only wanted to do two movements per workout so a sample workout would be hang snatch and squats, then the second one would be hang clean into a push-press and front squats.  Not very scientific but it kept me as strong as I needed to be to train for my sport.

So if you take two or three great multi-joint movements and really work them hard in each session why would you need anything more? Getting strong is all about forcing your body to adapt to work, might as well make it hard ass work.

But if you like to do more in the gym by all means do more, there are absolutely no rules when it comes to your individual training. I have even heard Jim Wendler talk about this many times, you have to like what you are doing so, there is no training system, method or template that you have to be married to.  Feel free to freestyle and make your own path. You will work harder at a program that you like than one you don’t feel is working for you. As long you are making the progress that you want it’s all good.


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