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It’s always great to receive emails from someone who benefited from something you worked hard on. Whether it be the gym members, my training clients or the people that have purchased my book it makes me feel like the hard work and struggle was all worth it. I’ll share a letter with you that received today.

Just wanted to say thanks for the Iron Sport Strength Method.  I asked for it for Christmas in 2012 and have been using it ever since.  The gains I’ve made have been unbelievable.  Literally.  If I hadn’t experienced them myself I wouldn’t have believed it.  Last year I had a bench goal set that I’d been chasing for a couple years.  I hit it in July.   Squat goal fell in October and I’m now 20lbs past that even though I has some down time with some busted ribs.  I kept squatting, just a little lighter and I wrapped up tight.   (I thought What Would Stevey Do?  “WWSD”, make some bracelets.  I’ll take 3%.)  

Thanks for the time, humor, and knowledge you put into this program and your logs and articles.  It’s appreciated.  This will always be the core program around which all my other training is based.  It’s too effective to mess with anything else. 


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