Steve’s Log- Monday April 28th, 2014

I am just coming off of a really busy weekend here at the gym. On Saturday we held the Iron Sport Power Classic here and it was LOOOOONG one to say the least. The frenzy of activity actually starts on Friday because meet director Kate Baird does early weigh-ins all day so there are a plethora of muscle bound randos hanging out here all day, so there are lots of people us to deal with. The day of the meet we all meet up here at 6:00 and we basically dismantle the entire gym and move it all out of the way, set up the chairs, get the computers and scoring equipment in place and check in the lifters. After we set up the venue the meet is all run by Kate Baird, my job at that point is to run the counter, sell drinks and shirts, make sure the trash cans and toilet don’t overflow, greet folks, shake hands, kiss babies and generally just charm the shit out of people that come in and out. When the last deadlift is smashed to the floor at 9:30pm, the hardware is handed out and the last person has the left the building I then get to put the chairs away, clean up all the trash, vacuum the entire place, put all the equipment back where it was and clean the bathrooms. These meets are always a really fun yet tiring day.

Not only did the entire group of girls that Pepper trains here in the mornings, AKA The Swole Sisters all compete but they even brought pies and cakes for afterwards. All these girls started out a year ago as perfect strangers who wandered in here to learn how to get strong under Pepper’s guidance. They have since all become so close and are each other’s biggest fans and support system when it comes time to train and compete. When I see a group of people bond like these girls have it always reminds me that I have built so much more that a really awesome gym here, I have built a community, a community based on a love of the iron (the lifting iron, not the smoothing out your shirts kind). I can’t even count how many lifelong friends, relationships, training partnerships, sex partners, business associates, etc have been forged as a result of people meeting here, including me and my wife. And as sappy as this sounds, if this gym closed tomorrow, god forbid, I would still be happy in the knowledge that it has brought so many memories and happiness to so many people. That to me is really worth more than money. Although money is pretty cool too.


I am proud to be an honorary Swole Sister, even though they won’t let me in the ladies locker room with them. Sad face. 


I actually had a good workout today, a rarity for me these days but I’m starting to feel better again. We did some chest and triceps, the training looked like this:

Flat bench with band: worked up to 6 doubles, then two heavier singles

Incline with with Swiss bar: 5 sets of 6, 6, 7, 8 then dropped down to a set of 12

Dumbbell flyes: 4 high rep sets

Superset overhead triceps extensions with triceps push-ups: 4 sets

Triceps pushdowns with rope: 3  high rep total burnout sets




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